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  • Indonesian airline Garuda cancels order for 49 Boeing 737 Max 8 jets
    by Gwyn Topham, Transport correspondent on March 22, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    Company blames loss of passenger trust after Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air disasters involving the aircraft The Indonesian carrier Garuda has become the first airline to scrap its order for the Boeing 737 Max, saying that it was cancelling a multibillion-dollar deal due to lack of public trust in a jet which has crashed twice in five months.The move came as the manufacturer Boeing attempted to tackle fears about the safety of the 737 Max, which has crashed in both Ethiopia and Indonesia with the loss of 346 lives, by building enhanced warning devices as standard into every plane. Related: After two deadly disasters in five months, can Boeing survive? Continue reading... […]

  • Austerity forcing arts institutions to accept gifts from billionaires
    by Rupert Neate Wealth correspondent on March 22, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    Art Fund director warns of ‘risks’ as criticism mounts of Sackler trust donations of £80m More than £100m of government cuts to annual arts funding has forced the nation’s top art galleries, theatres and opera houses to accept gifts from billionaires, including the controversial Sackler family, which made a fortune from the deadly opioid painkiller crisis.A top art funding chief and Labour’s arts minister said austerity cuts have pushed galleries and institutions into relying on the generosity of wealthy benefactors. Continue reading... […]

  • Labour deputy leader Tom Watson to address People’s Vote rally
    by Dan Sabbagh on March 22, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    Watson to back second referendum at march expected to draw hundreds of thousandsLabour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, will address the People’s Vote march on Saturday, saying he is prepared to vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal in parliament as long she agrees to put it to a second referendum.The politician will be the most senior Labour figure to address the rally in Parliament Square in the afternoon, following a mass march through central London at which hundreds of thousands of people – and possibly more – are expected to attend. Continue reading... […]

  • Debenhams rejects Mike Ashley's £100m bid for its Danish arm
    by Sarah Butler on March 22, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    Ailing department store chain admits restructuring plan could wipe out shareholdersDebenhams has dismissed a bid for its Danish stores from Mike Ashley as it confirmed plans to raise £200m in fresh loans in a deal that could wipe out shareholders including his Sports Direct group.Sports Direct said it had offered at least £100m for the Magasin du Nord chain, in an apparent attempt to hand Debenhams’ board an alternative to a rescue deal involving a debt for equity swap. Continue reading... […]

  • University barred 10 students from campus during Queen's visit
    by Richard Adams Education editor on March 22, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    King’s College London to review security procedures as students explore legal actionKing’s College London is to order an independent review of its security procedures after a group of students said they were singled out as troublemakers and barred from campus during a visit by the Queen.The 10 undergraduates say they are exploring legal action against KCL after their security passes were blocked and they were unable to attend lectures or go into libraries on Tuesday morning and early afternoon. Related: A third of UK Muslims report abuse or crime while studying Related: Students occupy Goldsmiths in protest at institutional racism Continue reading... […]

  • 'Hope dies last': fatalism among EU leaders as no-deal Brexit looks likely
    by Daniel Boffey and Jennifer Rankin in Brussels on March 22, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Senior EU officials say after latest talks with Theresa May that likelihood of no-deal outcome is ‘very, very real’Follow all the day’s Brexit developments - liveThe EU increasingly believes a no-deal Brexit on 12 April is the most likely outcome, senior EU officials have said, prompting Emmanuel Macron to privately ask the Irish prime minister if his country could cope.The French president sought assurance from Leo Varadkar in the closing moments of a marathon session of talks on Thursday night, as the leaders looked to settle on mid-April as the new cliff-edge. Related: Maybot has finally morphed into Lino: Leader in Name Only It is possible, but unlikely. Continue reading... […]

  • Markets drop sharply as fears of global slowdown intensify
    by Richard Partington Economics correspondent on March 22, 2019 at 4:36 pm

    Dow Jones and FTSE 100 slump as eurozone output falls at fastest rate in almost six yearsFinancial markets around the world have dropped sharply amid mounting fears of a slowdown in the global economy, after eurozone factory output fell at the fastest rate in almost six years.Friday’s losses on stock exchanges across Europe and on Wall Street came after figures suggested economic growth across the European single currency bloc remained weak in the first quarter of 2019, dashing hopes of a rebound from a weak end to last year. Related: The global economy is slowing down. What can governments do about it? Continue reading... […]

  • Theresa May's global comedy TV show is a big hit in Europe | John Crace
    by John Crace on March 22, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    Relief in Brussels is palpable as Lino scampers back home to face the reviews and the criticsWell, that went well. Theresa May: Her Part in Her Downfall. Episode 1,002. Having used her traditional hardball negotiating skills to come away with an offer she had never wanted, the Leader in Name Only scampered back to the UK at the earliest possible moment. So it’s just as well we’re not hoping to sign any major free-trade deals with China in the near future. Sod you China, we’ve got the Faeroes in the bag.Before the latest Brexit clusterfuck caused everyone to drop everything, the main item on the agenda of this week’s European council had been the negotiations to hold negotiations about a trade deal between the EU and China. A huge delegation of Chinese officials and journalists had descended on Brussels for the occasion and they weren’t best pleased to be sidelined to a one-hour slot on Friday morning. Nor were they impressed that Lino hadn’t bothered to stick around to apologise for messing them about. Remember that time when Lino said the UK would play a full part in the EU until the day we left? She doesn’t. But China will. Continue reading... […]

  • Sainsbury's and Asda offer to sell up to 150 stores to secure merger
    by Sarah Butler on March 22, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    They would also shut 38 petrol stations to try to persuade competitions watchdog on dealSainsbury’s and Asda have offered to sell off up to 150 supermarkets and 38 petrol stations in an attempt to persuade the competition watchdog that their £7bn merger should be allowed to go ahead.The proposed sales are equivalent to only about half the number that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has indicated could be required in order to gain permission for the merger. It is also considering blocking the merger entirely or insisting on the sale of one of the supermarket brand names. Continue reading... […]

  • Gripping refugee tale wins Waterstones children's book prize
    by Alison Flood on March 22, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Anti-trafficking campaigner Onjali Q Raúf was inspired to write adventure story The Boy at the Back of the Class by a Syrian mother and baby she encountered in a Calais campOnjali Q Raúf has won the Waterstones children’s book prize with her debut novel, which she wrote while recovering from life-saving surgery.Raúf is founder of the charity Making Herstory, which fights the trafficking and enslavement of women. After botched surgery for endometriosis left her vomiting and in crippling pain, she was told she had only three weeks to live. Further major surgery saved her life, but forced Raúf to spend three months recovering in bed.It's extra surreal … I'm seeing people who are distraught, trafficked, dealing with emergencies … and then in this other world you've got champagne and cupcakes Continue reading... […]

  • 'It was not clear if she had a plan at all': how May's night at the summit unfolded
    by Jennifer Rankin and Daniel Boffey in Brussels on March 22, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    As EU27 took control of Brexit timetable, they found it easy to agree only that there was ‘no ideal date’Follow all the day’s Brexit developments – liveTheresa May usually gets less than an hour to explain her Brexit plans to EU27 leaders at regular summits. Finally, with only eight days to go until the original deadline, the British prime minister was granted a full 90 minutes in the multicoloured summit room in the Europa headquarters. For the EU, it was not time well spent.“It was 90 minutes of nothing,” one EU source said. “She didn’t even give clarity if she is organising a vote. Asked three times what she would do if she lost the vote, she couldn’t say. It was fucking awful. Dreadful. Evasive even by her standards.”EU27 responds to UK requests in a positive spirit and: agrees to Art. 50 extension until 22 May if Withdrawal Agreement approved next week if not agreed next week then extension until 12 April approves ‘Strasbourg Agreement’ continues no-deal preparationsDans les couloirs du #ConseilEuropeen art.50 Related: May rejects petition to revoke article 50 despite 2m signatures Continue reading... […]

  • Campaigners hail 'seismic shift' in diversity of US children's books
    by Alison Flood on March 22, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    Number of books featuring African Americans has more than doubled in the past decade, with Asian Americans triplingCampaigners have hailed a “seismic shift” in US children’s publishing after statistics showed that the number of kids’ books featuring African-American characters has more than doubled over the last 10 years, and the number featuring Asians more than tripled.Figures from the Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison show that the number of children’s books featuring African or African-American characters rose from 172 out of a total of 3,000 received by the CCBC in 2008, to 401 out of a total of 3,617 in 2018. The number of books by African or African American authors also increased, from 83 in 2008 to 202 in 2018.It’s hard to say just by looking at one year that we’re seeing real change Related: Ethnic diversity in UK children's books to be examined Continue reading... […]

  • Anti-Muslim hate crimes soar in UK after Christchurch shootings
    by Vikram Dodd Police and crime correspondent on March 22, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Exclusive: rise in number of incidents related to NZ attacks alarms community groupsThe number of anti-Muslim hate crimes reported across Britain increased by 593% in the week after a white supremacist killed worshippers at two New Zealand mosques, an independent monitoring group has said.The charity Tell Mama said almost all of the increase comprised incidents linked to the Christchurch attacks last Friday, and there had been more recorded hate incidents in the last seven days than in the week after the 2017 Islamist terrorist attack in Manchester. Continue reading... […]

  • 'The water took everything': Buzi evacuees tell of Cyclone Idai ordeal
    by Peter Beaumont in Beira on March 22, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    People rescued by boat are arriving at Beira in hope of first aid, shelter and reunion with their familiesStanding in the fishing port in Beira, Mozambique, Jose Mala scans the faces of those evacuated by boat from Buzi , one of the towns hardest hit by Cyclone Idai, searching for anyone he knows.He had hopeful news the day before. He met a neighbour at the port who told him his sister and two nephews had survived the cyclone that destroyed large parts of their home town. Related: Cyclone Idai: satellite images show extent of flooding around Beira Related: Cyclone Idai shows the deadly reality of climate change in Africa | Landry Nintereste Continue reading... […]

  • Rich tennis fans vie for five-year, £100,000 Centre Court tickets
    by Rupert Neate Wealth correspondent on March 22, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    Demand will far exceed supply for Wimbledon debentures going on sale next weekThe super-rich will begin battling it out next week for some of the most expensive and exclusive sports tickets in the world: five-year passes for every match on Wimbledon’s Centre Court.The 2021-25 Centre Court debentures are expected to cost £100,000 each, and demand will far exceed the supply of 2,520 tickets that will go on sale at 10am on Thursday. Continue reading... […]

  • 'Another nail in the coffin': UK music venues face 125% jump in royalty fees
    by Ben Beaumont-Thomas on March 22, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    Hospitality industry claims increase from 4p to 9p per person per hour will ‘wring the last life out of’ clubs, bars, cafes and hotelsPhonographic Performance, a British music industry body that collects royalty payments for musicians, is planning to more than double the fees paid by pubs, bars and nightclubs to play recorded music.By 2023, venues hosting DJ events – also including cafes, restaurants and hotels – will pay 9p per person per hour, versus an average of 3.9p today. This money is collected by Phonographic Performance (PPL) and distributed to the artists and record companies whose music is being played; the changes don’t affect venues that use music only in the background. Announcing the changes, the PPL stated: “The current tariff has been in place for around 30 years, and PPL’s view, supported by economic analysis, is that the fees in it are too low to be an appropriate reflection of the value to businesses of using recorded music.” Related: UK's first live music census finds small venues struggling Continue reading... […]

  • Birmingham pub bombings: IRA bomber names four men he says were responsible
    by Frances Perraudin on March 22, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    Convicted bomber tells court he was given permission by head of IRA in DublinA convicted IRA bomber known as Witness O has named four men he says were responsible for the Birmingham pub bombings, telling the inquest he had been given permission to do so by the current head of the IRA in Dublin.Twenty-one people were killed and more than 200 injured when bombs were detonated in two city centre pubs – the Mulberry Bush and the Tavern in the Town – on the evening of 21 November 1974. Continue reading... […]

  • 'Systematically' abusive woman jailed for life for murdering husband
    by Press Association on March 22, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Hannegret Donnelly subjected spouse to repeated violence at their Aylesbury home An abusive woman who killed her husband after repeated beatings, including hitting him over the head with a rolling pin, has been sentenced to life in prison.German-born Hannegret Donnelly, 55, was told she must serve at least 16 years in prison after she was found guilty of murdering Christopher Donnelly, 55, at the home they shared with their four children in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Continue reading... […]

  • Emily Maitlis: 'Her winning quality is she doesn't take herself too seriously'
    by Jim Waterson Media editor on March 22, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    Newsnight’s new lead presenter is described as super-smart with a determination to be distinctiveWhen Daniel Craig’s James Bond sat down at the bar in Spectre and broke with tradition by ordering a dirty vodka martini, he had an unlikely person to thank: Emily Maitlis. The Newsnight presenter has both a fondness for that particular drink and a friendship with Sam Mendes, which prompted the film’s director to add dry vermouth and a dash of olive brine to 007’s iconic drink when he was reviving the film franchise. Related: Emily Maitlis to lead all-female presenting team on Newsnight Reporter, NBC News Asia. Business reporter and presenter, Sky News. Host of BBC London News. Presenter on BBC News Channel. Host of Newsnight and presenter on the BBC’s election coverage. Continue reading... […]

  • Elton John biopic Rocketman may be censored for gay scene
    by Catherine Shoard on March 22, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    Film-makers are under pressure from Hollywood to snip a nude scene between Taron Egerton and Richard Madden, reports sayForty seconds of footage could be lost from the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman in a bid to lower its age rating, according to the Daily Mail.The offending scene features stars Taron Egerton as John and Richard Madden as his lover and manager John Reid naked in bed together, but although their bare bottoms are on display, intercourse is not depicted. Related: China to remove LGBT scenes from Bohemian Rhapsody Continue reading... […]